To be enlightened, means to be given greater knowledge and understanding of something. To excel, means to be exceptionally good at something, to shine and be outstanding! Here at Disciples of God, we want kids and youth to excel for Christ!


We created the EXCEL program to give children the opportunity to express themselves creatively through music & creative art classes infused with biblical principles, to learn about God through a interactive Bible Study class and to get physically active in a fitness class jamming out to Christian praise songs! All in one! Either in our early learning program for preschool aged children or our after school program for school aged children.​ It is so important for their physical & mental health that children have an opportunity to work their mind, body and soul! This is what EXCEL is all about! 


Our EXCEL program was created to give children the opportunity and encouragement to excel in their relationship with God and others.


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We believe in giving as much love as possible to everyone, regardless of the choices they may have made in life and where those choices may have led them. Which is why we reached out to the department of corrective services to help those in the prison system, especially women, kids and youth!We are currently going into womens prisons to run our Zumba fitness, music and creative arts classes for the women there, to promote healthy lifestyles physically and mentally. All of these classes help with self-esteem, stimulate the brain and bring joy to a not so joyful situation. 



  • Improved balance and coordination

  • Improved cognitive function

  • Increased calorific expenditure – weight control or weight loss



  • Enhanced self-esteem and general well-being

  • Reduced depression. Stress and anxiety

  • Increased opportunities for social interaction

  • Increased opportunities to dance, enjoy the music and have a blast!



At Future Generations we aim to empower, unite and equip the children who will grow up to be our future generations and the future of our nation. We also aim to provide support to mothers who are in need, to give them a well deserved break and supportive help in whatever way we can with their children.

We have two programs that run through Disciples of God Inc:

* Future Generations Kids

* Future Generations Youth

Future Generations also runs a fortnightly Bible Study for kids and teens, as well as youth groups and events during school holidays.


We also provide Future Generations Kids programs at Sisters in Christ and Encounter Your Faith programs and events.

All Future Generations Leaders have working with children checks, police clearances and first aid certificates.

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Worship Gathering is a live band worship session that we hold once a month for people to come and encounter God. We let the Holy Spirit lead the worship, so come along and lets see what happens!

We especially welcome Christian musicians to come along and jump in with the worship! It's completely unscripted, so whatever happens, happens. We want the Holy Spirit to be the one in charge, not us.

We welcome all to come for a time, to move in the Spirit and encounter the supernatural works of God. We give Him all the glory and Worship Gathering is all about praising His name and giving Him the worship that He so deserves. We can't even praise Him enough for all that He has done!


Future Generations Youth Group is for children aged 12 - 17 years. A time for them to come along and feel loved and welcomed in an awesome atmosphere where we provide creative art classes, music classes and Zumba fitness classes in our Monday after school program and games and prizes, tournaments and dance battles at our Friday night youth group! Snacks, sausage sizzle, awesome beats and a fun time are provided at both.

We run Future Generations Youth at two locations! At the Clarkson Youth Centre and the Wanneroo Youth Centre.

Please click below to visit the youth page to find out more about dates and times.

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Helping Hands to the homeless. This program is one that is focused on being the helping hands that the homeless people in our city need in their lives.


We have started up this program to run a free morning Zumba fitness class in the park for people who are homeless, as a way to inspire and give opportunities for them to get their endorphins pumping and to hopefully bring some joy into their lives. We know it's not much, but it's so important for our physical and mental health to be active and to do activities, such as Zumba which stimulates the brain and enhances self esteem. By hiring showers to put in the park and providing the homeless with toiletries, clothes and then a nice nutritious lunch, provides us the opportunity to spend time talking with them and listening to their stories if they so allow. As we hope to understand more individuals situations so that we may be able to further help them in their time of need!

We are very excited about our Helping Hands program and hope that in any way, we can be the helping hands that the homeless people in our city need!


We run Zumba fitness classes for kids and youth who are home-schooled! Our classes are run by qualified instructors who volunteer their time so that all money raised from these classes is used for running out outreach programs. 

We don't like to just take without first giving, which is why we run Zumba classes as a way of raising money instead of just asking for donations from people. We first want to give what we can and all of our Zumba classes are our way of doing that! As physical health and mental health is so important and providing fun ways of keeping fit, especially for children, and keeping the costs low is why we are doing what we do.

Our home-school classes are run at our Wangara Centre on Wednesday's during the school term. We have seperate classes for kids 6-11 years and youth 12-17years.

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Encounter is for adults 18+

Encounter holds different events throughout the year as well as a fortnightly bible study and connect group in two locations. One of the groups is child friendly and runs alongside our E.X.C.E.L. Early Learning Program for kids ages 3-5 years.





Come get your fitness on in a fun and uplifting environment, that is good for your body and your soul. Re-energise your body and your spirit within at the same time! All proceeds go toward furthering our mission of sharing God's love with the world, continuing running our programs and helping those in need within our community, as a Disciple of God.


You don't have to be a Christian to join in; classes are open to all. All classes are run by qualified Zumba instructors and are lots of fun!


We offer classes for adults, youth, kids and kids jr! Incorporating upbeat Christian praise songs for an awesome dance party workout for the whole family to enjoy! Find a class (or two!) near you today!

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Have you ever wanted to give your son or daughter singing, piano, guitar or drumming lessons but find that it's far too expensive?


We have partnered with some talented musicians so that through us you now can! We have discounted rates with even further discounts for families with concessions and multiple children as well as awesome group lessons for even further savings!

Parents can now give their children professional lessons and all money raised is put back into the community so that we can continue to help more people in need.

We want to give a huge thanks to the musicians and Motivation Studios for partnering with us and donating their time!

New website coming soon!


At Disciples of God Inc. we have a group of women, Sisters In Christ, whose sole focus is to empower and better equip women within our community - no matter where they are from or where they are at in this journey called life. Sisters In Christ are here to provide women with a place to go when they need refuge.

Sisters in Christ hold various events throughout the year for all women. The events also provide mothers with a well deserved break by providing child-minding services through our Future Generations programs.

We have a variety of programs that cater to Christian women, single mothers and just women in general. We hold various events and workshops, and supply whatever resources we can for any woman who is struggling in any aspect of her life. Whether it just be an ear to listen, a relaxing break or physical support, we are here to help the women in our community whatever way we can!

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Praise Party is exactly what it says. A party all about praise! We have a DJ that plays awesome upbeat praise songs, with flashing lights we dance the night away with new friends and old.

But we won't just dance, we will also have some cool games, snacks, dance battles, maybe even a sing off or rap battle! Who knows! If you are 18+ come along for an awesome time. Come with friends or come by yourself, it doesn't matter.


Brothers and Sisters in Christ (B.A.S.I.C.) is a group within our organisation that focuses on bringing together people of faith who want to begin their journey or further their understanding of Christ.

B.A.S.I.C. Training is a fortnightly bible study group  focused on building up disciples for God's Kingdom:


B.A.S.I.C. Training 101 - for people who are new to the Christian faith and/or wanting to learn more.


B.A.S.I.C. Training Discipleship - for those wanting to strengthen their faith and continue to be discipled!

Contact us to find out more and join a B.A.S.I.C. Training group today!

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We can change lives, one child at a time! By being the big brother or big sister that some children need in their lives to talk to and receive love and guidance from during difficult times.

For children desperately in need of help or guidance, or who just need love and support, we match a big brother or big sister to them through either our big brother mentoring program for boys or our big sister mentoring program for girls.

If we can change their perspective, the way they see themselves or view the world around them, we believe we can change their life. Just by being a big brother or big sister with ears to listen, a heart to care and time to give!


Once a month we go into aged care homes to do Christian church services for the elderly that live there. We sing hymns which they all love to sing a long to, share a brief word and then spend time with the residents, just loving on them and caring for them. I think it blesses us much more than it does them just the way they light up when they love telling their stories and the tears that fill their eyes as they sing the old hymns!


Many have no family and only see the four walls of the building as family is the ones that come to take them out, which is a bit hard when you don't have any or they don't come to see you. Oh how we take for granted just being able to go outside in the sunshine!


Spending time in the aged care homes is one of our highlights of what we get to do. We also go in on seperate occasions to read to residents, spend time talking with them and to play board games and bingo. They especially love playing dominoes!

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